Monday, July 21, 2008

Dinner Party

How many people does it take to have a dinner party? Well in this case 4 - my husband and I of course and hubby's grandpa and his wife, Nancy.

I love spending time with Grandpa and Nancy. They are just wonderful to be around! We had a wonderful time eating, drinking and talking! Even had a visit from Steve's sister Kelly and her beau Jesse for them to show off Kelly's new ride. She bought a 2003 Eclipse - gorgeous! I must say that I am a tad jealous of her sporty little ride but it has two problems for me. It is no where near a Mom car and though I do not need one yet I hope to in say the next year. Other problem is it is a stick and I hate driving stick! Haven't done it in at least 15 years and would rather not ever have to again.

Now that I have totally gotten off the topic lets get back to dinner!

I decided to make a nice summery dish of Veggie Lasagna only to find out that Grandpa hates most all veggies =(

So either he was extraordinarily polite or the tons of cheese hid the flavor of the veggies enough to make it at least bearable. He of course said that everything was delicious but..... guess we will wait and see if Nancy tells me his true opinion next time I get a chance to talk to her.

I didn't get any pics of the finished lasagna but it turned out beautifully. I made it basically the same as last time but added squash too. Here are all of the wonderful veggies just waiting to cut up

And after chopping away - a very full cutting board

For dessert we had Paula Deen's Strawberry Shortcake which I followed the recipe pretty much exact except that I bought cherry gelatin instead of Strawberry - oops!!! Still turned out great!

And here is a picture of our Money tree that they brought us as a house warming gift! See the 20s hiding in there!

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