Tuesday, August 26, 2008


I have once again been neglecting my blog =( Between hubby having my camera while he was at band camp - and not home to eat any of my fixings anyway there hasn't been all that much coming out of the Pfeiffer kitchen.
And once band camp was finally over we jumped into re-doing the basement! Which has turned into a huge project thanks to all the mold hiding under the hideous "wood" panelling.
But it must be done for game day - Brown first game of the season - Sept. 7th against the Dallas Cowboys. I was lucky - unlucky enough depending on how you look at it - to go and watch one of their pre-season games with FANTASTIC seats! Too bad I had to be tortured by the 3rd string quarterback - sucking and the 3rd string receivers sucking even more =( But they were great seats!

So those are my excuses for not updating lately but there have been a few - very few things that I have made so here goes..........

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