Thursday, August 23, 2007

Chicken Quesadilla

We received a Quesadilla maker for a wedding gift and when I first got it I thought it was a little silly, but now that I have used it I love it!!! It is so easy to use! I didn't really use a recipe as I just sort of threw some stuff between 2 tortillas and closed the lid!

I will say that it tells you to only cook for 4 minutes or so - I found that it is better to do about 6 minutes ( I like mine a little crispy). Make sure you do not over fill - it gets messy when the cheese oozes out =)
I made ours with chicken, green chilies, a blend of mexican cheeses, and sour cream that I mixed with some Chipolte Chili powder (yum!) - lettuce, tomato, salasa, and more sour cream on the side.

I served this with Mexican rice - which I am embarrassed to say I used a box mix. =( I didn't have time to make my own - next time, I promise!

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