Sunday, July 12, 2009

Sausage Egg-n-cheese mcmuffin

Steve's Aunt recently saw (and tasted) my hamburger cupcakes and asked if I would be able to make her a cupcake that looked like a breakfast item for a celebration she is having at work in August. She had mentioned a sausage egg-n-cheese mcmuffin as an idea. Well Steve and I tossed some ideas around and I figured I would give it a go while I was making more hamburgers for a friend. I ended up using just the bottoms of the cupcake for the "mcmuffin", basically the inside of a cakepop (just minus the chocolate outside) for the sausage patty and whipped vanilla frosting for the egg. I tinted some extra frosting yellow and just put a small drop on the white frosting for the "yolk". The cheese is fondant that was tinted with yellow and red icing color.
I think they turned out pretty well don't you.....

We sent the picture to Aunt Sandy as well and she was thrilled!!! Asked for 2 dozen of them!
Seems August will be the kick off of Tay's Tasty Treats with that order, a 7 dozen order for a work picnic and a friend of mine is trying to get my very first birthday party!!!!

I did decide to change the logo though - what do you think....

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