Sunday, May 31, 2009

Babyshower Cupcakes

So I came across this blog post in my google reader the other day from Annie's Eats (which is a fantastic blog by the way) and fell in love with the butterfly cupcakes. A friend of mine recently bought Hello, Cupcake! so I was really wanting a reason to make these cupcakes, but really had nothing that called for anything so elaborate. That is until Pamela; a friend from work; emailed me and asked if I had any ideas for cupcakes for her daughter's baby shower. Umm, I sure do!! This was just the excuse that I needed to make these gorgeous cupcakes! The mommy to be's colors were green, pink, and yellow so that is what I went with. I made 2 dozen butterfly cupcakes and another 2 dozen with some adorable sprinkles that I found at my new favorite store, Grandma's Cupboard
The wing took a bit of time to do and I think next time I would use a condiment bottle to try and pipe the chocolate but I think that they turned out pretty darn good!!!! I didn't get to actually go to the baby shower as I already had plans but I hope that Mommy-to-be was as happy with them as I was!!!
Here is a look at how they turned out!

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